LOOK: Momoland’s Nancy Jewel McDonie’s viral shopping pictures

K-pop fans just can’t get enough of Momoland’s Nancy Jewel McDonie. Her angelic face and showstopping gaze have undeniably captured thousands of hearts everywhere. Evidently, even those who weren’t a fan of K-pop before have been bewitched by her charming smile.

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About a year ago, when Nancy wasn’t yet as big of an idol as she is now, photos of her went viral on social media sites. The Korean beauty was spotted shopping in a store in Saipan in Northen Mariana Islands, together with her Momoland co-member Joo-e.

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The singer and dancer sported a white fitted cropped top and high-waisted denim shorts. Even though she was dressed simply, and was wearing little makeup, Nancy looked nothing less than beautiful.

But for the K-pop community, it is still an on going debate whether Nancy indeed went under the knife. Of course, her devoted fans were adamant that her beauty is nothing but natural.

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How about you? What do you think?

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