Student brilliantly prints his name on every yellow paper

It’s officially back to school for most students in the country. Which means parents will soon kiss their fat wallets goodbye. From the eye-popping tuition to the long-list of school supplies that need to be bought, sending a child to school is no joke. And that is just exactly what a Senior High School student realized.

Arguably, the most used item in school (well besides a pen), is yellow paper. Once you let it be known to your classmates that you own a yellow pad, surely, it’ll be gone even before the first quarter of classes ends.

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To prevent such thing from happening, John Cyril F. Ambrocio, a Grade 12 student, printed his name on all of his yellow paper. Clever, right?




He shared this bright idea on Twitter and said,

“Pinrintan ko ang pangalan ko lahat ng yellow pad ko para walang humingi sa ‘kin. *Advance ako mag-isip* #kadamutan101.”

According to Cyril, he didn’t do it out of greediness, though. He just needed to be smart with his resources, that’s all.

“Hindi naman sa pagdadamot, pero I just realized na wala pang one month, paubos na agad yellow pad ko jusko… Pero sa papel lang naman ako nagdadamot hahahaha. Wala kase sila sa budget ng mama ko.”


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Originally, he intended to write his name by hand. But after realizing that it will take him quite some time to finish, Cyril looked around and spotted the efficient printer machine.

“At first, isusulat ko lang dapat yung pangalan ko sa lahat ng page kaso tinamad ako. Naisip ko na may printer nga pala, kaya ayun.”

For those who are wondering how he was able to print his name, the young lad tweeted out some tips.


As of writing, his tweet has garnered more than 44,000 likes and 9,400 retweets.

Being a former student myself, I bet his classmates would still ask for a piece of paper and would just cross out his name instead.

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