Teacher uses QR codes as an efficient and tech-savvy way to check his class’ attendance

If you ask us, we’d be hesitant to live in a world without technology. All of the advancements we’ve enjoyed so far have made life easier, more convenient, and run more smoothly. The developments are also seen in various industries and disciplines, like education. A perfect example of this is a high school teacher who uses QR codes for his class attendance.

Most of us are used to yelling the word “present” whenever we have our class roll call. However, this teacher knew that this time-consuming procedure could be improved. He shared the amazing solution on Facebook which quickly went viral.

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Knowing that all his students are tech-savvy and must have some kind of mobile device on hand, Michael Angelo devised a class attendance system that relied on QR codes. These codes consist of black patterns that contain information which can be interpreted by a digital camera and software.

All of his students have their own QR code that is scanned before class. Then, the data will be put on a Microsoft Excel file complete with the date and name of the student. This brilliant teacher encourages his fellow educators to use this because it’s easier, free, and environment-friendly.

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Michael Angelo shared some steps that both teachers and students could follow. All they have to do is download the application that can allow them to create QR codes for each student. Then they just have to input some data and it’s done!


Netizens were so amused by this innovative strategy that they tagged their friends. Some even complimented the Facebook user for making class attendance fun and easy.



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