Angelica Panganiban eats fried fish with bare hands

In truth, we automatically associate celebrities with glitz and glamour — overwhelming wealth, high-profile lifestyle, and so on.  Although it is absolutely true, we should also consider the fact “what we always see on our television screen is not necessarily the truth.” Contrary to popular belief, most celebrities are just simple people. When they’re away from the prying eyes of the public, they are just like us. Just take the Kapamilya star Angelica Panganiban as an example.

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Recently, the 31-year-old versatile actress became the instant talk of social media for her down-to-earth attitude. As seen in the trending footage, it showed Angelica Panganiban eating fried fish with her bare hands.



As it turns out, netizens and her avid fans lauded the behavior she had exhibited. Moreover, some social media users also had a cheesy meltdown after seeing her former lover Carlos Aquino beside her while she ate the fried fish.

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Aside from that viral “fried fish” video clip, Angelica Panganiban, together with Carlos Aquino, were apparently involved in a vehicular mishap.



Based on the short video taken from her Instagram account, their vehicle apparently bumped into another car in front of them.



In her caption, she wrote:

 “Ang usapan, joyride… Bakit tayo nabangga? ‘Etong mga batang 90’s na ‘to! Pariwara!'”



Luckily, everyone seems safe after the minor vehicular accident. Soon after the discussion between the other driver, Carlo Aquino revealed to Angelica Panganiban that the negotiation went well.


After their much-talked-about reunion with each other, the former lovers are set to star in an upcoming film called “Exes Baggage.”

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Watch the video below:


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