Coco Martin opens up about viral clip allegedly kissing Yassi Pressman

Over the past few months, our hearts have fallen into bits following the onscreen separation of Cardo (Coco Martin) and Alyanna (Yassi Pressman) in the prolonged Kapamilya block, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” But thanks to these two actors’ recent viral clip allegedly giving each other a smooch, somehow, we were left enkindled.

In the aforementioned video, Coco and Yassi were spotted allegedly kissing on the set. It was quite blurry, though, but we cannot deny that the scene made us deduce that there might be something going on between the love team partners. Their characters’ action-adventure series have severed, but hard-shippers rejoiced over the assumption that Coco and Yassi may be an item in real life.

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Meanwhile, in a more recent event, the leading man finally spoke out about the viral footage. He relayed his remark to the press during the media conference of a sardines brand that he endorses.

We hate to break it to you, hopeful ones. Apparently, Coco and Yassi weren’t locking lips but were actually just cheek-kissing.

“Hindi naman kiss iyon, beso-beso lang iyon.”

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According to Coco, the primetime’s cast normally give each other the gesture. He also addressed fans linking him to the 23-year-old actress by expressing his gratitude. For the actor, it’s pleasing to know that the televiewers approve of their team-up on screen.

“Nakakataba ng puso kasi siguro tinatangkilik nila iyong ‘Ang Probinsyano,’ iyong tambalan namin ni Yassi. Nakaka-proud kasi nagugustuhan nila.”

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Check out the viral video below.

See how online users reacted to this.

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