Students raise money for janitor’s summer trip to Jamaica

Tears poured when a Bristol University student handed a school janitor named Herman Gordon an envelope containing £1,500.

For 12 years now, Jamaican national Herman has been working as a janitor for Bristol University. Aside from sweeping the floors and wiping the tables, Herman also helps sweep away the frowns on the faces of stressed students.

True enough, his positive presence and cheerful personality helped a ton of college students who were bogged down by tons of school work.

So, to give back, some kind-hearted Bristol students decided to run a campaign that aimed to earn enough funds for Herman and his wife to spend the summer with their family in Jamaica. It has already been four years since the hard-working janitor last set foot in his homeland.

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The brilliant idea came to mind when an anonymous post about the janitor was shared on the University’s confessional Facebook page Bristruths.

The post reads:

“The Jamaican cleaner in the med library is the jolliest man I have ever met, he makes me smile even when I’m in the deepest depths of revision or trying to be, if you want a reason to smile go talk to him for a min or two.”

Soon afterwards, a number of students anonymously opened a JustGiving page for Herman, which aimed to collect at least £1,000 in time for summer break.

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What the organizers didn’t expect was the quick response from 232 kind-hearted students. After just five days of posting, the campaign had already collected more than the set goal!

The fund-raising campaign’s organizers wrote:

“We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this incredible gift. It is truly amazing what we can achieve when we come together.”

When Hadi Al-Zubaidi, one of the organizers, handed the money over to Herman, he was all kinds of shocked. The sweet man was at a loss for words since he had no idea that the students were plotting something so kind.

The money also came with a short letter from the students that reads:

Dear Herman, on behalf of the students at Bristol, we would like to thank you for all the positive energy you have given to us throughout the years. You have brightened many of our days and we want you to know that we love and appreciate you. We have come together to give you a special gift as our way of saying thank you. Have a lovely summer.”

Read some of the comments from netizens below.

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Make sure to watch Herman Gordon’s reaction video below!


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