Pauleen Luna refutes critic’s claim that Baby Talitha doesn’t resemble Vic Sotto

It was in November of 2017 when Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto welcomed their little one, Baby Talitha, to the world and their married life was changed forever. Naturally, as parents of their precious bundle of joy, they will forever cherish her and keep her safe even from the slightest of discomforts.

The actress-host proved this recently when she berated a netizen for their unwanted comments about Baby Tali’s appearance. While Pauleen may seem like a sweet and delicate person, she can let out her gritty side for the sake of her child.

On Friday, June 29, Pauleen Luna did not hold back when she responded to an online critic. Apparently, Pauleen shared a photo on Instagram wherein she noted Baby Talitha’s resemblance to Vic. They’re father and daughter, after all.

However, this nosy netizen was not convinced.

“Tali looks more like you claim it. Oyo and Danica looks more like Vic.”

Pauleen then refuted the netizen’s unwanted comment, saying:

“Ha? She looks like the both of us, but in this photo they look so similar.”

Unfortunately for this netizen, plenty of the actress-host’s fans backed her up. Pauleen Luna seemed gladdened by the support she received from other social media users. In the end, she just opted to laugh it off through another note.

“May ‘claim it’ pa eh. Parang kinakahiya at tinatago ko na kamukha ko si Tali? [Lauging with tears emoji] HAHAHA yun lang HAHAHA”

See how netizens reacted to this.

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