These photos show the perfect family of Mark Lapid and Tanya Garcia

Remember Tanya Garcia? For those who are glued to their television in the 2000s, Tanya is one of the most beautiful soap opera actresses to ever grace the small screen. With her effective chemistry with Dingdong Dantes in soap operas like “Sana Ikaw Na Nga” and “Twin Hearts“, some people thought that Tanya would end up marrying her usual leading man.

Fast forward to 2018, Tanya did not end up with Dingdong but it is not a sad life for her as she is happily married to her husband Mark Lapid. They tied the knot on July 30, 2010, in their civil rites in Pampanga.

Tanya and Mark also had three beautiful daughters namely Micsha Amidala, Matilda Anika, and Madeleine Ariana.

For almost eight years, Tanya and Mark sure do have the ideal family setting and these photos from Mark’s Instagram can prove it all.

The photos showed how Tanya and Mark do all of the fun things as a family like celebrating Christmas, exercising, and dressing up as Smurfs.

Everyone might be jealous of Tanya and Mark right now but did you know it was not all that magical at first? In their previous chat with the hosts of Magandang Buhay last year, they reminisced their first encounter on the set of 2006 action movie Batas Militar.

Mark said that there were no sparks between him and Tanya, who is her leading lady at the mentioned movie, during the filming but the former admitted that he got attracted with her beauty and grace at first sight.

At that time too, Tanya and Mark have their own relationships. There were very close friends until their relationships failed and they decided to date each other. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Source: ABS-CBN Facebook, ABS-CBN

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