Rina Navarro has a message to Ara Mina: “I’m nothing like her.”

Shocked and heartbroken are both an understatement, perhaps, if one is to describe how it must have been for Rina Navarro. Inadvertently discovering that your beloved fiancé is hooking up with another woman – or the person you look at with the utmost esteem – is the most excruciating pain to ever occur in someone’s life. Alas, it happened to her and she has to pick up the pieces.

Despite the turnout, it seems like this upsetting issue brought out Rina’s grit and the best version of herself. Pitiful, you say? Honestly, we beg to disagree. When she recently encountered the mobbing members of the press, she faced them with her cheeky, all-smilingly self and showed no signs of gloom when she answered the queries.

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This is how Rina wants to be remembered. During the talk, she stated that she would rather be recalled as a strong woman who was able to muster all her guts to leave and not settle with a toxic relationship.

“I’m not kawawa. I don’t want people to see me as kawawa. I want women to see me as someone who is strong. I mean, I’m only human. Siyempre, lalaban ka din. And I think, laban means, you know, hindi mo naman kailangang sirain ‘yong kalaban mo. You just have to know when to leave. So, I gathered the strength to leave.”

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Given that the word is already out – that the sexy star Ara Mina was shockingly the secret paramour of Rina’s former fiancé, PITC Undersecretary Dave Almarinez – Rina was not even sorry in repeatedly mentioning the actress on the interview. Furthermore, she revealed how their confrontation went down.

“Ay, kaya kong i-reenact. ‘I treated you like a friend. You are like a sister to me. You knew that I have a family. Mali ‘yong ginawa mo sa ‘kin. How could you do that to me?’ [Ara’s answer was], ‘I’m sorry na nalaman mo, pero sasabihin ko naman.’”

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You know what classy women say, “Queen don’t compete.” Rina still chose to be the better woman during the falling-out. Truly, nothing is more admirable than a person who can keep his and her composure during difficult times.

“Kung sinaktan ko siya at nag-react ako nang hindi maganda…ayokong lumabas kasi ‘yong gano’n. May pinag-aralan akong tao. In fact, pag nadidikit ‘yong pangalan ko sa pangalan niya, I’m not comfortable with that. Because I’m nothing like her.”

Lastly, check out the entire video below.

Ara Mina to Rina Navarro: "Kawawa ka naman… may six-month-old baby kayo."

Ito raw ang sinabi ni Official: Ara Mina kay Rina Navarro.

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