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Barbie Imperial and JM de Guzman on a subtle yet sensual scene on “Araw Gabi”

Since its debut on the national television, the Precious Hearts Romances series made a reputation for its subtle sensual innuendos. So, it will not be surprising anymore if “Araw Gabi”, its latest television adaptation, has also its own way of insinuating eroticism.

Recently, the well-received Kapamilya television series heats up the normal afternoon of its avid viewers when Mich (Barbie Imperial) fell from her bed. Unsurprisingly, Adrian (JM de Guzman) is there to catch her using his body.

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As seen in the first few moments of the television show, you can see Mich and Adrian sleeping together in a room. Despite not sharing the same bed, you can see that Mich and Adrian are holding each other’s hand while sleeping.

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Then, Mich suddenly wakes up. While she is stretching her body, Mich accidentally fell from her bed. Adrian, on the other hand, catches her from hitting the ground using his own body.

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Soon after what happened, a moment of silence circulated the room. In fact, both of them even gulped while gazing awkwardly at each other. Then, Mich immediately gathers herself from the embarrassment and stood up. Andrian, on the lighter note, just covered himself with a blanket to hide his blushing face.

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Watch the entire clip of “Arwa Gabi” below!

Araw Gabi: Mich, nalaglag sa kinahihigaan ni Adrian

What an awkward moment para kina Mich at Adrian! Watch HERE:For more EXCLUSIVE videos, log on to!

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