MiniMe 3 contestant on Vice Ganda: “Let me see your wig. I said wig!”

It seems like all the people living in the Philippines is aware that Vice Ganda is fond of wearing colorful and outrageous wigs. With this in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised if a small child notices this as well. A “MiniMe 3” contestant named Angelo Uyyco rendered the comedian speechless after pointing out the latter’s hairpiece.

Based on the recent episode of the “MiniMe 3” segment of “It’s Showtime”, the 42-year-old “Unkabogable Star” didn’t escape the surprising yet factual comment of the young contestant. The hilariously honest statement caught Vice Ganda off-guard, much to the audience’s delight.

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In case you missed it, the hilarious conversation started when the famous comedian, along with Vhong Navarro and Zeus Collins, interviewed the hyperactive contestant. The Kapamilya actor was quick to give punchlines while talking with the enthusiastic kid.

According to Vice, the adorable Angelo has a very big crush on his fellow “It’s Showtime” host, Anne Curtis. Soon after the revelation, the jolly contestant went ballistic and demanded that they bring out Anne Curtis.

“Where did you hear about it? Where is Anne Curtis? Bring the girl out!”

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Then, Vice Ganda, in his usual manner, gave another funny quip to ease the situation. He jokingly said to Angelo that he is Anne Curtis, however, the kid wasn’t easily fooled.

Angelo said:

“Where is she? Let me see on your wig. I said wig! It’s blue.”

After the silly conversation about wigs, the three male hosts and the hyperactive contestant continued to talk about Anne Curtis again.

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