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Doctor who refused to charge his former teacher moves netizens

Amid the recent basketbrawl, sudden fair hike, or the flux of bad news hounding PH today, it’s nice to take a breather with this inspirational story about a doctor and his teacher. See, Virginia Padilla Roble is an educator from Cebu who was hospitalized back in 2015. According to Rachfeed, she broke her left forearm and needed the immediate care of the attending staff in Perpetual Succour Hospital. Turns out, one of which was her very own former student, Dr. Dilbert Monicit, who is now a surgeon.

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Upon her check out later in December, Roble was shocked when the nurses handed her a note. It contained a message penned by Dr. Monicit himself.

In exchange for providing him good education over two decades back, the surgeon refused to charge his professional fee to his former teacher.

“Dear [Ma’am] Roble,

Professional fee – paid 22 years ago (one of my favorite [teachers])!”


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Not only was Roble moved, but also ten thousands of netizens by Dr. Monicit’s generosity.


Watch the video below:

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