kusta Clee’s girlfriend makes every man (and woman) fall in love with her

The world is definitely Skusta Clee’s oyster.

The flip-top rapper, who is also a member of the top Filipino rapping group Ex-Battalion, is currently enjoying his life as he has a successful music career and influential social media presence.

He is also seen as one of the beasts in the world of Filipino fliptop as he amazed fans with his sickening burns and bars.

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But what makes Skusta enjoy his life more is his hot and gorgeous girlfriend Zeinab Harake.

Girls like Zeinab is every hip-hop artist and rapper’s fantasy girl: Cute face, long hair, curvy body, and a mesmerizing smile that is made for the camera.

So what made Zeinab fall in love with one of the sickest rapper in the Philippine rap industry?

Zeinab fell in love with Zeinab as a fan during his fliptop days and she is not just a simple and casual fan but a self-declared die-hard supporter.

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So when Skusta noticed her beautiful face, it’s already a jackpot for Skusta and it became the greatest day ever when the rapper asked permission if he could court her.

Of course, it is not just a normal courting stage. With the power of beats and lyricism, Skusta promised Zeinab the world through dropping bars and rhymes.

So when Skusta revealed Zeinab to the public as his girlfriend, his fans went crazy over her, with some admitting that they are jealous of the rapper.

Zeinab is so hot and hypnotizing, even some girls fantasize her.

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For now, Zeinab shows support to her boyfriend by being with him during shows and tours and fans see her as an angel to one of the Philippine music industry’s bad boys.

What do you think of Zeinab? Are you also mesmerized by her beauty? Are you jealous too of Skusta? Tell us in the comments section below!

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