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WATCH: Ghost joins two boys playing in the pond.

A lot of people are really interested in paranormal activity. Some even try really hard to have their own personal encounters with unearthly beings. More or less, these are also the type of people who enjoy watching scary movies alone. The ones who can actually sleep soundly after watching movies like “Insidious” or “The Grudge.”

If you are one of those people, you will surely enjoy this old video that had recently gone viral. In under two minutes, an unusual phenomenon unfolded. Netizens have been claiming that the video featured a ghost jumping into a pond as two boys were bathing in it.

The video starts off innocently. We can simply see two friends having fun in the pond. The two may seem to be enjoying the presence of each other on probably a warm summer day. Just by the docks of the pond, the two friends start swimming and splashing around.

All of a sudden, from the left side of the footage, you could see some sort of motion. Eventually, you will realize that it looks like a figure of a human being running towards the pond as well. Instead of having visible flesh, hair and clothing, the figure just looked like a transparent shadow. Oddly, it, whatever it was, did not make a splash in the water.

The two boys did not notice anything when all this happened. Instead, they just continued with swimming around. It is quite interesting though, that one of them suddenly looked back at the camera after the figure jumped in.

One may argue that the video was made with special effects. On the other hand, it was an amateur video that was taken in 2006. Special effects were not yet that advanced during those times and you really don’t see any purpose in doing this.

Netizens are torn into those who believed, and those who did not really buy it. Whether it is a hoax or not, we can agree that it is pretty convincing, especially for a video of that age.

Watch it here and decide for yourself:

Source: Manilarush

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