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“Naggy” mom saves her son’s life through “annoying” texts to her husband

Moms seem to have this nature to be naggy and somewhat annoying sometimes. They are always concerned about a lot of things which result to them being called as naggy. But that’s just how moms are. And this mom practically saved her baby by being “naggy.”

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This mom shared her story of how being an overprotective mom is really helpful and beneficial to the family. It was about that day when she was back from maternity leave that the life-changing incident happened. She told her husband to send her hourly updates about their son for that first day that their baby is away from her.

Her husband and their baby was on their way to their trip to Walgreens. Her husband sent her a photo of their baby finally sitting and resting on the baby car seat. She noticed that her son was already buckled but not correctly.

She immediately told hee husband about this. Their baby’s chest clip should be at baby’s chest level. That day, it was clipped very low, on stomach level.

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A few minutes after she told her husband about this, her husband called to inform her that they had a car wreck. Her family was only a few blocks away from home when another crashed into theirs as a result of the other car’s sudden left turn, towards their car’s direction.

Fortunately, their son was buckled correctly and tightly that when the crash happened, he was not even disturbed in his sweet slumber. However, her husband has fractured his three toes due to the accident. Their car was also wrecked and would not have any use anymore.

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The mother’s ending words in her post were, “The car is a loss, but cars can be replaced – my boys can’t.”

The netizens commended her for taking the little details into consideration and applauded her immense love for her family.

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