Underground city of Derinkuyu found underneath a man’s house

Who knew that an underground city was waiting to be discovered underneath a man’s home? Back in 1963, a Turkish man living in Cappadocia wanted to renovate his home. When he tore a wall down, he was surprised to see a secret room. It turns out that this would lead straight to the ancient city of Derinkuyu.

No one anticipated that Derinkuyu would be a multi-level town that can house 20,000 people. Most of the city is made from stone but it also includes an animal stable and even a chapel!

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It was created during the Byzantine Era (around 780-1180 AD). The addition of kitchens, tombs, wells, and even schools lead many to believe that people were meant to stay here for a long time. Derinkuyu might have been their shelter when war or natural disasters came their way.

The Daily Mail reported that Greek inscriptions and almost 600 secret entrances were also found inside.

“Heavy stone doors could close Derinkuyu from the inside in order to fend off intruders, and each storey could be shut off individually.”

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What made the discovery even more interesting was the fact that it was linked to other hidden cities. It isn’t the only underground city found in the world but it could certainly be the largest. The whole area isn’t accessible to the public but it isn’t shocking to hear that it’s a popular tourist attraction.

We don’t know about you but we’re definitely going to put this on our bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to see something as amazing as this?







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Source: The Vintage News

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