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This crippled boy got the best birthday gift that he did not expect

Ever think that God is not by your side? It can’t be denied that even the most faithful faced challenges that ignited doubt on God’s plans. But as always, just always put trust with God and everything will fall into places.

A story about believing in the plans of God went viral on social media as it inspired netizens to always trust God in everything.


The story revolves around a crippled boy named Nathan and his good friend named Niko. In retrospective, Nathan’s life looks like a punishment he did not ask.

He has been crippled ever since his birth and he was forced to live with his impoverished grandparents in the mountains. This situation made it hard for Nathan to go to school because of the vast distance from his home to his school. His grandparents have grown frail that they cannot bring Nathan to school on a daily basis.

With everything going hard for him, Nathan is always lightened up by his friend named Niko. Niko always reassures Nathan that despite everything, his life is going to e OK.

“Kasi may ibang plano siya sayo. Hindi pa natin alam kung ano, pero sigurado ako mas maganda pa kesa sa hinihiling mo. Ganun naman yun eh, magic lang,” Niko told Nathan everytime he notices his friend gets insecure of his disability.

Unfortunately, Niko had to leave Nathan because his family is going to be relocated. This made Nathan melancholic since his only friend is not going to be on his side, especially that he will celebrate his 8th birthday a week after.

Before leaving, Niko cheered Nathan and promised him that despite being physically absent, he will be always there.

Niko told Nathan: Wag kang malulungkot. Pumikit ka lang, tawagan mo ako sa puso at isip mo.

Come his birthday, Nathan and his grandparents went down the mountains and visited the church to thank God for another year of living.

Nathan was then surprised on what he saw inside the church — an image of Sto. Nino who looks like his friend Niko. He then again heard his friend inside his head saying the last line he heard from him.

This fictional story inspired a lot of netizens like Mimi Pangca Bona who commented “Amen! Sarap ng mensahe sa kwento.”

Finggot Vegas echoed Mimi and said “It’s true! Senor Sto. Nino is always in our hearts.”

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Source: ManilaFlash

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