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Dr. Myki Manalo shares heartfelt Father’s Day greeting to Jose Manalo!

Today is Father’s Day, which means it’s time to celebrate the love we have for the fathers and father-figures in our lives. It is important to realize that these gentlemen are the people that sacrifice plenty just to make sure their kids get what they need. Recently, an Instagram post went viral – featuring a straight-forward yet heartfelt dedication letter of a doctor to her proud father. But this isn’t just the story of a daughter and her dad on Father’s Day. Dr. Myki Manalo wrote this viral post for her father – Dabarkads host and comedian Jose Manalo.

Get your tissues ready, this story is going to be truly heart-warming.

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In a trending Instagram post shared on June 17, Dr. Myki Manalo shared a glimpse into her life and how Jose Manalo acted as a father. Her caption was accompanied by a photo of the daughter and the comedian. According to Myki, she was going through a rough patch during her college days. She was going through some personal issues she needed to sort out – and ended up going against her responsibilities.

An excerpt of her Instagram caption read:

“I didn’t attend all my classes one day, even missed an exam, and you (Jose) caught me.”

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ted or angry with her daughter, Jose was calm. Moreover, the Kapuso host then picked up Myki from where she was and brought her to an ice cream place. In the silence between the father and daughter, Dr. Myki admitted she burst into tears and her father embraced her.

Finally you can read what she had to say about Jose Manalo as a dad here:

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The happy daughter ended her Father’s Day dedication by saying she misses her dad and reminded him to “keep yourself healthy and happy.”

Happy Father’s Day everyone!


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