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Husband sings to bring his family out of the hospital

Filipinos are known for their great love for family. They give great importance to each and every family member and they try their best to be able to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs. Sometimes, even if they are not even directly related to someone, but they are from the same province they grew up in, a Filipino will immediately take that person under their wings and treat them as if they are long lost relatives.

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Should Filipinos ever find themselves in tough situations, they try to make the most out of it and really find a way to solve whatever problem may come their way. No problem is too large or too impossible to solve once it concerns people they love or are related to.

A video recently went viral of a man singing in a mall. These videos are nothing new and videos of Filipinos singing extremely well have gone viral time and time again. But what makes this one stand out is the reason behind why the man was singing his heart out in the first place.

In a Robinsons mall in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro in Southern Luzon, a netizen was captivated by the voice of a man flawlessly singing the lyrics to Air Supply’s hit song Come What May. The man hit all the right notes and it sounded like there was an impromptu mini concert happening in the mall.

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According to Irna Julieta Laurente Balancio, the lady who posted the viral video on her Facebook account, she was in the mall when she heard the man singing. Upon further inspection, the man was singing because his wife and newborn child are still in the hospital and he wanted to bring them home already. In order to do that he had to pay the bills but is not able to do so; so he decided to try his luck singing in the mall in the hopes that people might hear him and donate a few pesos for his cause. He even brought hospital papers to show anyone who might need proof.

Some crew members from the nearby Handyman urged the man to sing and good thing he listened to them as his impromptu show earned him a lot of listeners and in turn, a lot of donations.

Netizens were wowed by his talent and expressed their support in the comments section of the viral post.

“gagawin talaga lahat para sa mahal sa buhay, di gaya ng iba nagagawa mag nakaw . buti pa si kuya , Godbless u,” a netizen said.

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“Ang galing kumanta,sanay mailabas u na ang iyong mag-ina sa hospital,God bless u,” another netizen said.

Other netizens also tried to get the attention of the GMA show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” in the hopes that the man may be featured in the hit show.

A Filipino’s resilience is truly admirable when it comes to taking care of their family.

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