Netizen’s post about his nephew’s heartbreak and depression goes viral

A netizen took to Facebook to share what his nephew went through in an attempt to raise awareness on depression.

Entitled “Walang Forever“, Junno Miranda Sarmiento narrated in detail how his nephew battled heartbreak. According to him, the young man was only 18 years old when he succumbed to depression and decided to end his life.

It was in December 2017 when his nephew’s girlfriend broke up with the latter. According to Junno, the lad started to lose weight drastically, and everyone noticed that his vibe became melancholic. Apparently, he was in a relationship with his girl for four years before things finally came to an end.

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A month later, the ex-girlfriend messaged Junno’s nephew again because she said she wanted to introduce him to her new boyfriend. Heartbroken, the young man became “paranoid”, always telling people that he wasn’t someone to be played.

He would say things like, “Tita hindi ko na kaya”, “Bakit ganun siya”, “Hindi naman ako laruan”, “Bakit ipapakilala pa niya sakin”, among others.

Then, one day, Junno said his relatives heard a loud bang from his nephew’s room. When the latter’s sister knocked on the door to check on him, he knocked back twice, as if saying that he did not want to be disturbed. Because of this, his sister left him alone.

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The next day, however, they tried to wake the young man again, only to be met with silence. Finally, his younger sibling decided to climb the wall and peek into his room.

It turned out that Junno’s nephew hung himself using a blanket, and he was already lifeless when they found him.

Junno then ended his post with a reminder for everyone:

“Sa lahat ng kabataan at taong nakikitaan niyo ng depression or sobrang kalungkutan wag niyong hayaan na maging susi ito na maging marahas sila saknilang sarili. Ang depression ay magaling manlinlang ng tao kapag kahrap mo okay sila pero pag talikod ay hindi.”

The netizen added:

“Marami ang gustong mabuhay at lumaban sa buhay wag naten sayangin ang buhay khit mliit or malaking problema.”

Here are some comments from other netizens:

Our deepest condolences to Junno’s family.

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  1. Wag masyadong dibdibin yang mga ganyang bagay hindi lang sila ang babae o lalaki sa mundo. Kung ayaw na sa iyo wag nang ipagpilitan ang sarili. Maghanap uli ng totoong magmamahal.

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