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Look: A photo of a father taking her daughter down the aisle touched the hearts of people

It is almost every girl’s dream to get married to the person that they love. It is also one of their dreams to have a wedding that is perfect. That’s why couples do their best to prepare and plan their wedding as perfect as possible.

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Some even hire event organisers to help them plan. They also pay photographers to capture the momentous and memorable day of their life. One particular photography company was able to capture a heartwarming photo that was taken in one of their wedding events.

The Law Tapalla Photography posted a photo in their page that gained thousands of likes and shares. It was able touched the hearts of a lot of people because of the sincerity of the feelings behind the photo.

The post was a photo in a wedding while the parents of the bride take her down the aisle. But this was no ordinary photo nor wedding. What caught the attention of people was the father of the bride who is in a stretcher while leading her daughter towards the altar.

It is customary in the Philippine culture for the parents of the bride to walk with her in the aisle towards the altar. It shows how parents where there for her all throughout her journey, and how at the end of the altar they are giving the care of their daughter to her husband.

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A Father’s love was the caption of the viral photo. It showcases how a parent loves its children so much that it is willing to do anything just to make them happy.

Despite the condition of the bride’s father, he still pushed himself to the best of his ability so he can attend his daughter’s wedding. He knew that being with her as she walked down the aisle is something important to her and for sure she treasures it deeply.

The photo touched many hearts. It made people to be reminiscent of their own wedding, and of the sacrifices and love that their parents have for them.

It stirs a lot of emotions from people. It also gained a lot of feedback mentioning how emotional and gerat warming the photo is. Others said that after seeing the photo they immediately texted and called their fathers just to say how much they loved him.

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The love of a parent truly is something immeasurable. Are you also touched by the photo? Share us your thoughts!

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