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A TV appearance changed the life of woman with 6,000 tumors in her body

It is possible that almost everyone in this world has been teased at or disliked because of their unpleasant attributes. Most of these happen during our childhood when kids at school or in our block make it a habit to tease other kids. But some has it worse when they still experience being disliked even in their adult years.

A woman who has thousands of tumor in her body has experienced being mocked up until now that she is already an adult. She experienced years and years of being teased and mo ked because of her physical appearance that no one even wanted to look at her nicely. Even though the tumors in her body are non-cancerous, these still do not look good on her.

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The woman is a forty-five year old mom. She had this condition ever since she was a child and has been battling this condition ever since. Having this condition means that she may be covered with thousands and thousands of these non-cancerous tumors at any time.

She shared one of her unforgettable experiences when she once had an approximate of six thousand tumors all over her body. She said that they were so painful that her daughter could not even hug her.

According to the woman, her condition is a kind of a genetic neurological disorder and it is called neurofibromatosis. This illness did not make the woman’s childhood very easy as she had experienced the worst kinds of mockery. She even shared in an interview with Caster News that she had been called names at school such as lizard breath and toad.

“In school kids would pick on me all the time, they called me lizard breath and toad,” the woman shared. She said that she even had to change her name because whenever she hears her original name, she became reminded of the years she had been called lizard breath.

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She has been hurt from all the mean remarks she received from all those years. “Instead of making comments, I wish people would talk to me rather than stare like I’m a circus freak, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable,” she said.

A photographer from Indiana featured the woman’s photos in social media and even in the TV show “The Doctors.” Fortunately, through the show, she has been offered to treat the bumps on her body and reduce its appearance.

She received a surgery eliminating a thousand of tumors on her face and the tissues that cause the growth. She had also undergone another surgery that would help reduce the scarring of the removed tumors.

The woman said that she noticed a big difference in her face after undergoing those two surgeries. She also surprised her daughter about the outcome of the surgery through the same TV show. Trueenough, her daughter was shock of the beautiful transformation done on her mother.

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No one ever deserves to experience what the woman had gone through so let us all spread awareness. Everyone is going through something we do not know of so let us always treat each other with kindness.

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