2018 Commissioner’s cup Finals MVP Scottie Thompson has his own MVP in real life

Scottie Thompson is without a doubt one of the best talents in the world of Philippine basketball right now. He had just won another PBA title with Ginebra. To add to that, he also earned the Finals MVP award after pouring his heart out in the best of 7 series against the powerhouse team San Miguel Beer. Scottie is well-loved and admired by the Ginebra faithful for the heart and hustle that he shows on the court. Despite being smaller compared to his competitors, he always ends up playing big in key moments of the game.

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As the saying goes: “behind every great man is an even greater woman”. These words seem to be very fitting for Scottie. During the celebrations on the court after the final buzzer sounded, photographers took snapshots of a very iconic moment. Photos of the said moment instantly went viral on social media as people were not only amazed but touched by what they saw.

In the said photo, we can see Scottie embracing a certain woman wearing red. Obviously, she was a Ginebra supporter. But more than that, she was also no other than Scottie Thompson’s girlfriend, Pau Fajardo. They have been together for quite a while now. Last year in February, the couple celebrated their 50th monthsary (apparently they count by months and not years.)

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According to the highflying Gin King, she is his lucky charm. Not just in games, but in life as well. Prior to the photo being taken after the recently concluded Finals series, the two were already known to be really active on social media. They constantly post photos together on their respective accounts. Fans love and admire Pau for her beautiful looks and personality. They say that the two are perfect for each other.

Scottie and Pau have certainly gone a long way since the first time that they professed their love for each other. The beauty of the photo that went viral is actually not what was happening at the moment itself but story behind that famous embrace. It was more than just a gesture that couples did after winning championship games.

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For them, it was a culmination of the long journey that they travelled together to get to that point in their lives. Congratulations to Scottie Thompson and Pau Fajardo. Both of them are without a doubt MVP’s!

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