Hollywood actor Jet Li is unrecognizable due to his health condition

If you utter the words “martial arts” in Hollywood, then chances are there are a few names that will pop up in your brain. There’s the legendary Bruce Lee. Another name might be Jackie Chan, who recently received his honorary Oscar award. Yet another popular actor you might think of is Jet Li.

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Jet Li has done numerous iconic roles throughout his amazing career. You might remember some of his movies like “The One,” “Fearless,” The Forbidden Kingdom,” and “The Expendables.” This action superstar has gained so much respect from his fans for the dedication he poured into the craft.

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However, some shocking news concerning the actor is making rounds online. Recently photos of Jet Li surfaced – where he looked old and frail beside a man who is assisting him. People know that the Chinese actor suffers from spinal problems and hyperthyroidism but no one thought that it was this bad. He was completely unrecognizable!

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Hyperthyroidism, according to The Washington Post, is a health condition which causes “fatigue and weight loss.” This condition has been linked to Jet Li’s reportedly declining health. There’s was no doubt that netizens who came across the viral picture were heartbroken.

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Most of them shared prayers of good health while there are those who commented about how sad they were about their idol’s current condition. Some happily reminisced about the most epic movie moments that starred Jet Li.

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But there were a few who think that the bad lighting and angle were to blame. If any of you remember, the Hollywood actor released a video on Instagram last December and he looked totally fine. This speculation was seconded by the actor’s manager, Steve Chasman.

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He said:
“He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing with for almost 10 years. It’s nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing with it.”

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Let’s all hope that this brilliant artist will have more than enough strength to produce and star in plenty of movies.

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