LOOK: Celebrities whose careers went downhill

Many celebrities start out their careers in hopes of having that “big break” which will catapult them into more projects. And once they’ve been given that chance, a lot of them managed to keep up when it comes to living in the spotlight.

However, few aren’t as lucky as the others. Stepping inside the entertainment industry meant going hand-in-hand with good decision making, because one wrong choice can end one’s entire career.

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These three major celebrities who were once in the limelight of showbiz took a different path outside of the industry. Unfortunately, the path they took might be full of regrets because they are now reported to be struggling in life.

Amidst financial and personal problems, BB Gandang Hari, Deborah Sun, and Mystica shared their stories when their wrong choices took a hit at their career and everything began to go downhill.

BB Gandanghari was commonly known before as Rustom Padilla. She married Carmina Villaroel in 1992, but they separted in 1996. It was only on 2002 where the two finally had their marriage annulled.

Rustom came out of the closet in the ABS-CBN’s reality TV show, Pinoy Big 2006. After a few years, she embraced the realities of womanhood and became a transgender. She was in America and tried to make a career in Hollywood, but still hasn’t gotten that far in the western industry.

Another celebrity whose life has taken a turn is Deborah Sun. She was known for her 1980 movie entitled “Temptation Island”. But during an interview in a talk show titled, “Star Talk” Deborah admitted she was facing financial struggles.

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As if her financial problems weren’t enough, Deborah’s son, Jam Melendez was put into rehab because of illegal substances issues. However, despite the controversies, Deborah stressed that Jam was not suffering any depression.

Last but not the least is Ruby Cassidy, or in her stage name – Mystica. Most often coined as the “Split Queen” in the 90s, Mystica left the entertainmanet industry to pursue a different path. She became managing director of a hotel and was successful at first.

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However, problems surfaced when her video criticizing President Duterte became viral. Also, her financial problems got worse when she started lending money to people who never paid her back. From owning nine cars and a house, Mytica and husband Kid Lopez cannot even have a good meal.

Although their careers took a bad turn, their marks in the showbiz industry will never be forgotten.

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