Joshua Garcia says he loves Julia Barretto, apologizes for his mistake

A relationship becomes sweeter after getting through a rough patch together. And yes, this was proven by the onscreen partners and presumed real-life lovers, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. Recalling, the duo went through some turbulence around March this year. They eventually reconciled, nonetheless, and have finally learned their lesson.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Julia graced the media launch of their upcoming flick, “I Love You, Hater,” of course, with their co-star, Kris Aquino. The latter then spontaneously took the duty of interviewing the rumored couple and asked what the real score between them is. She’s the “Queen of Talk,” after all.

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However, Kris pointed out that it should be Joshua that confirms if he and Julia are officially dating or not. She also bluntly mentioned the rumored sweethearts’ past issue.

“It has to be the boy. Okay? The boy has to be the one to confirm, not the girl. Because…Josh, I’m putting you on the spot. You deserve it after what you did.”


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The veteran actress then proceeded to probe into the young actor’s real feelings for his leading lady. Joshua then readily answered, “Yes,” and the audience could be heard squealing in romantic excitement. But when asked if Julia is his girlfriend, the actor said he couldn’t tell and that he’ll reveal it “sa tamang panahon.”

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The impromptu host then tasked Joshua Garcia to promise to Julia that he’ll be loyal from now on.

“I’m sorry if nagkaroon ng mistake, but I promise to be a better man for you, for us.”

Watch the video below:


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