Vilma Santos’ words of wisdom for the next Darna, Liza Soberano.

Almost every person in the country is familiar with the Filipina superhero Darna. For those who aren’t, she is comic book artist Mars Ravelo’s female superhero who gets her powers from a magical stone which she swallows time and time again.

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With these powers, she saves people from all kinds of threats. From the comic books, Darna eventually made it to the big screen and was portrayed by some of the most iconic stars in the industry.

One of them is none other than the Star For All Season, Ms. Vilma Santos. She got this nickname because no matter when her films come out, it will surely become a hit. Aside from Darna, Ate V. has successfully captured the hearts of her audiences through other captivating performances throughout her career. She is a one of a kind actress who etched her name in the list of all-time greats.

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Recently, Vilma had some words to say about young actress Liza Soberano, who is next in line to dawn Darna’s red and yellow costume. Prior to this interview, she was well aware of people already criticizing Liza. Apparently, a lot have been saying that she did not have what it takes to play the legendary role.

The Star For All Seasons instantly shut down all the critics by saying that selecting a Darna was not as simple as it seems. According to her, all those who had the privilege to swallow the all-powerful stone needed to have a magical trait in them as actors in order to be chosen. Knowing this, she claimed that Liza Soberano possessed this kind of magic. She said that she would not be chosen if she did not.

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The veteran actress simply wished her luck. To end she said: “…kayang kaya yan, ang importante lang, paninindigan”. Having the support of one of the finest in the business can be good and bad at the same time. Playing iconic roles surely has its pressure. But, with the “magic” that Vilma sees in her, we are pretty sure that Liza Soberano will do super in this new role.

Source: ABS-CBN

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