Isang Astig Na Lalaki Ay Naging ‘Macho-nurin’ Kay Misis

Over the years, our society has established a set of ideas which expects each and every one of us to act, talk, and think based on the gender of our body. When we were still young, our parents have instilled in our mind that pink is for girls while blue is for boys. Later on, we were told that nurses are expected to be females while doctors are supposed to be males.

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Not only that, we also grew up believing that moms should to stay at home — to clean the house, cook, and take care of the children. While dad goes off to work to make money and provide for the family. However, since gender roles have set boundaries that caused negative effects on both parties, the society has decided to promote “gender equality.” Thus, paving the way for both males and females to have an equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of their gender.

Nowadays, it came to as us no surprise why a lot of women are working in certain fields which were once “for men only.” At the same time, it’s already normal for us to see husbands staying at home and taking care of the kids while their wives work in the office or abroad. Such is the case of a certain Jason Burdado, who was featured by news correspondent Oscar Oida at “24 Oras,” last night August 23.

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Based on the report, Burdado is one of the many men in the country who opted to stay at home and play the role of their wives who are busy with their works.

Despite being called as “house husband,” Burdado said that he isn’t ashamed of it since his wife is doing great managing their food business.

“Malaki ang kinikita ni misis sa catering niya. Bale, one-one [P1,200.00]. Ang biyahe ko P700 lang. Ako kahit maabala ako okay lang basta sa kanya ‘yung kita niya at saka ayaw ko siya mawalan ng trabaho.”

Despite being teased as “under the saya,” and “macho-nurin” Burdado said that he learned to shy away from such comments. As for him, what is more important is that he and his wife work hand in hand to help each other in providing for their family.

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“Pagdating ng asawa ko pahinga na siya, wala na siyang gagawin, hinihilot ko pa siya. Yun ang tunay na lalaki, macho.”

Source: GMA

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