Isang Lalaki, Piniling Manirahan Sa Isang Isla Ng Mag-isa At 30 Taon Na Siyang Naninirahan Dito

Somethings in today’s modern society might make some of us want run for the hills. Everyone’s who has experienced traffic, social media, bills and taxes might wish for an escape. And that’s what the then 53-year-old Japanese Masafumi Nagasaki did. Well, he didn’t run to the hills literally, instead, he went to a deserted island.

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For almost three decades, Nagasaki inhabited the small island of Sotobanari in Japan. His story wasn’t known to the world until writer-explorer Alvaro Cerezo of Docastaway — a company specializing in experiences in remote desert Island — paid him a visit back in 2014.

Cerezo spent a total of five days with Nagasaki on the island where he learned his way of living. Aside from the elderly’s non-existent clothing, “The Naked Hermit‘s” castaway life on the island is seemingly normal.

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He lives in his own tent (which by the way guests have to wash their feet before entering), and is still strict when it comes to punctuality just like the rest of Japanese people are. The island’s cleanliness is also impeccable, since Nagasaki would often pick up any stray trash brought by the waves.

When asked why he had chosen this path, Nagasaki said that he wanted to kick the bucket while he was one with the nature. Unlike being bed-ridden in hospital beds like what happens to most today.

Return to civilization

But that dream might not come true for the now 82-year-old since he was just recently brought back to the civilization after a concerned citizen saw him weak and ill on the island.

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Nagasaki did recover immediately though, with the care of doctors and nurses. But unfortunately, according to Cerezo, the government has prohibited the old man from returning to the island and instead is currently staying in a public facility.

“His health is OK, he was probably only sick or had the flu [when he was taken] but they won’t allow him to go back any more, he cannot go there, it’s over.”

Perhaps he can go back, when it’s time.

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