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Nalaglag Ang Sanggol Na Ito Sa Isang Pool Ngunit ‘Di Inasahan Ng Marami Ang Sunod Na Nangyari Na Talaga Naman Gumulat Sa Lahat

Parents should always keep a keen eye on their children. While we want them to explore their surroundings, we can’t be ignorant about the dangers existing outside. There are a lot of things that can pose a threat to a young child – a seemingly harmless plastic bag, a small, rubber toy, or even your backyard pool.

Although it’s seems like an unlikely scenario, there are lots of children who suddenly pass from water asphyxiation. If parents aren’t careful enough, their kids can fall into a pool and not live to see another day.

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This is why some parents are convinced to teach their children to swim at an early age. Infant Swimming Resource is one of the U.S.’ top providers of safety programs regarding this issue. They can teach a young child swimming survival lessons to prevent a worse outcome from happening.

There happens to be a video circulating online demonstrating the results of a baby who has undergone and ISR program. We can see that a baby, who was left unattended, was walking near their backyard pool. The child dropped its toy in the pool and we’re pretty sure that you know the horrific situation that will soon follow.

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This young child fell into the water and we all thought that the kid was done for. However, the baby’s legs started kicking and it successfully turned around, letting it’s face break onto the surface and allow air to enter its body again.

While some of us are amazed by the benefits of the technique, there are those who speak up about the disadvantages. Dr. Françoise Freedman of the University of Cambridge said:

“Conditioning (forcing) a baby or toddler to float relies on extreme[ly] traumatic methods and sadly no amount of praise will compensate for the memory of inflicted pain. While some children will escape unscathed, for others, the trauma may resurface in later years and cause a fear of the water.”

Watch the video below:

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