Kilalanin Ang Mga Babae Na Dumaan Sa Buhay Ni Willie Revillame Na Hindi Alam Ng Marami

In a group of friends, there is surely that one person who has been involved in a lot of romantic relationships. Whether it was just “puppy love” or “real love”, as some call it, this one person certainly owns a long list of “exes” under his or her belt. If ever there was a “celebrity barkada” in the industry, the person in that group who would be “that guy” is none other than Willie Revillame.

It is a known fact that the legendary host has been linked with numerous women throughout his career! Because of this, some people actually decided to make a list about them. So without further ado, here are the names of the women who were at one point in time associated with the iconic star!

As the saying goes, “You will never forget your first love!” Princess Punzalan was the first wife of Willie. Sadly, their marriage only lasted for 5-years. Nonetheless, they surely had something special going on in those years together. We all know that one wouldn’t marry someone if they never truly loved them, right?

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Next up is the beauty queen Liz Almoro. Liz was Willie’s “second shot at love.” Together, they had a son named Juan Emmanuel. The couple only lasted for two years before deciding to go separate ways.

Nadine Ignacio was one of the younger ladies linked to the host. They first met each other when she was just 19-years old! Nadine was apparently a guest in Wil’s show. Willie admits that he never courted her but still admits that he felt comfortable around her. This obviously means that Nadine was a special part of his life.

Lara Quigaman was the next person linked to Willie right after Nadine Ignacio. A lot of people said that she was the cause of the sudden drift between Wil and Nadine. Despite this, Lara confirmed that she had nothing to do with it. According to some sources, Lara and Willie started getting linked when the host gave her a watch and some flowers. Miriam Quiambao also received a Louis Vuitton bag from the host, but she said that this was only a sign of appreciation for guesting in his show.

Mariel Rodriguez is also in this list of women in Willie’s life. Though nothing was truly confirmed about them, the two shared a special bond. Mariel was actually Willie’s longest running female co-host. We could probably say that Mariel’s stint in Willie’s show jumpstarted her long and successful career.

Host Roxanne Ginoo was also one of the co-hosts linked with Willie Revillame. Aside from being partners in the show, the star also became Willie’s leading lady in the film “Mr. Housewife.” As of today, his current co-hosts are still also getting linked to him. This is why Kimchi and Ariella Arida are also included in this list.

Sexy star siblings Christine Reyes and Ara Mina are also in this this list. Despite this, the both of them confirmed that they were simply just good friends with the host.

Via: Instagram
Via: Instagram

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Danita Paner and Camille Villar (daughter of Manny Villar) were also rumored to be associated with the icon. Danita felt awkward hearing this. On the other hand, Camille heard a lot of people say that she was actually dating the host. The two confirmed that Wil was just a close family friend.

Shalani Soledad and Willie Revillame were at one point in time turning into the next big love team in Philppine show business. Shalani hosted the show with Willie. The audience members of the show teased them a lot and even felt the kilig vibes while doing so. According to Willie, he helped the host “get over” her past relationship with President Noynoy Aquino.

We cannot forget Bec-Bec Soriano. Aside from being Maricel Soriano’s sister, she was Willie’s also “teenage sweetheart.” The result of their love is none other than Meryll Soriano, who also has a place in this list. Of course, how can you leave out the “women in Willie’s life” without mentioning her beloved daughter!

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Lastly, there is Marimonte Revillame, the hosts third child. She is probably one of the most special women in his life right. Without a doubt she is one of the constants in Willie’s life. No matter how many women come and go, Marimonte will surely always be there by her father’s side at the end of the day.

That was certainly a very long list, and we believe that there are a lot more unmentioned. Do you know anyone who we might have forgotten? Don’t be shy! Share their names to us!

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