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Harley Mallow, fire a accident survivor, shares her tear-jerking experience

In June 1997, two-year-old Harley Mallow from North Carolina and her sister were taking a peaceful nap when the washing machine in their house suddenly ignited a massive fire. As a result, the toddler was caught the flames while her sister luckily rushed outside to seek help.

Her father swiftly responded and rescued her away from the fire. Fortunately, she survived the fire accident. However, the hospital said that it will be hard for her to get rid of all the scars, since 80 percent of her entire body was completely burnt.

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In a span of three months, Harley Mallow suffered from unthinkable pain. With numerous surgeries, she became a disabled child.

As a result of her horrible experience before, she became the center of bullying at her school.

“At that time, I hated everything about myself. I did not like to wear anything revealing my legs, my feet, or my arm, so I tended to avoid communicating with anybody. Because every time I appeared, everyone stared at me. I was tired, depressed everything. I even was physically hurt when I was little and sometimes I had thoughts about the [REDACTED].”

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Despite all the adversities she experienced in life while growing up, Harley Mallow still managed to think and live positively. Presently, she is happily married and expected to give birth soon.

“Now I am sure that I have become a very different person. I am happier and love the life more. I can refer to my accident in the past without any pain in my heart. I cannot imagine how my life change without those ugly scars? But anyway, I do not change anything at the moment. The scars helped to turn me into a person at present”.

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