New Orleans couple stuns doctor by having triplets both naturally and artificially at the same time

The amazing developments in the realm of technology has opened us to new experiences. We’re continuously breaking barriers and expectations.

A couple from New Orleans who were anxious about not having children were blessed with triplets after undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Philip and Courtney Garrett always wanted to become parents despite their fertility struggles. Like most of the people suffering from this, the New Orleans couple clung to artificial insemination. They transferred two eggs through IVF and the results were very successful.

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One of the eggs split into two which resulted in a pair of identical twins and their fraternal sister. Phil and Courtney couldn’t have been any happier with the news. They were finally going to have a big family after years of believing that it wasn’t meant to be.

However, the New Orleans couple decided to have another child seven years later. The happy parents wanted to give their triplets another sibling so they went for another round of IVF. It was once again successful but when it was time for a check-up, Phil, Courtney, and their doctor were in disbelief at how successful it was.

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What was thought to be a rare occurrence happened for the young couple again. They were going to have triplets and their confusion pushed them to ask their doctor about what happened. It turns out that Courtney was able to conceive both naturally and artificially at the same time!

NTD reported that one of the two eggs that have been transferred split, causing identical twins. Then, one of Courtney’s eggs were naturally fertilized, producing the unborn twins’ fraternal sibling.

Sadly, their three kids at home aren’t as excited as mom and dad.

Watch their unbelievable story in the video below:

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