Missing person reported by a netizen has been found safe and sound

A recent Facebook post by a netizen sought the help of the online community to help find her relative whom she reported as a missing person.

According to Patricia Reyes, her relative, Jen Mina, texted her to say that the latter felt unsafe in the tricycle that she was riding. Reyes tried to tell Mina to get off at the nearest crowded place she could find, but the netizen could no longer contact her relative’s phone.

Thankfully, Jen Mina has finally been found safe and sound.

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In the last message sent by Mina to Reyes, she said the tricycle she was in had no plate number. According to her, a man with long hair was riding on the back of the tricycle. Beside her was a thin man, and Mina added they both looked like typical drug addicts.

When Reyes tried to call Mina, however, her phone could no longer be reached. This prompted the former to post their conversation on Facebook, reporting Mina as a missing person.

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Approximately two hours after Reyes’s post, another relative, Femie Reyes, gave an update on Facebook saying they already found Mina.

Femie said Mina was still traumatized by what happened, and that they were currently at the local police station to report the incident.

Here are some comments from netizens:

No further details regarding the matter were given.

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